Thursday, June 26, 2008

A few more photos from the past three days

Today is a puttering around in Barry's Bay day. We found fast, free internet access at a picnic table next to the visitors center. Nearby is the Chip Barn, which serves poutine, the regional specialty of twice-baked fries with gravy. There are only a handful of galleries here and no Makinaw Island fudge, and the LCBO (the province-regulated liquor store) closes at 6 p.m.
Instead there is a friendly storefront department store and a well stocked independent pharmacy. It's easy to find multiple kinds of bug repellent and netting, as well as a battery of bite remedies for when those don't prevent the damage.
Barry's Bay is also home to the first Polish community in Canada. Many of the roads have Polish names and there is, we have been told, a wonderful Polish restaurant nearby. It's also the home of Barry's Bay Outfitters, the place to go for kayak and canoe rentals, accessories, guided trips and local knowledge. Owners Eric and Sharon Taylor are glad to share information about paddling spots and local lore.

The Taylors in their shop, Barry's Bay Outfitters.

Following are some photos of what we have been doing the last three days when we were miles (and seemingly years) away from internet access.

The intersection of the two main roads in Barry's Bay features signs advertising various local attractions and businesses, including Madawaska Kanu Center.

Poutine, anybody? The Chip Barn smells heavenly.

Alec paddles near a huge granite boulder on Bark Lake.

A wild orchid on the shores of Bark Lake, rotated sideways because we didn't know how to fix it in this program. Oh well.

Where's Alec? Sharon tows his boat to the put-in while Alec tries to find it from shore.

Life is good.

The bugs are vicious. Sharon's badly swolen eyes. You don't want to see her neck.

The lodge at Madawaska Kanu Center, where the kids are spending their nights. Paddle hard, rest comfortably.

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Sinker said...

that photo of you with the bug bites is INSANE. Good god.