Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ready or not....

It's just after 10 p.m. Eight boats are strapped to our trailer. We've packed our gear bags and paddles, our kayaking and camping gear, our books and clothes, our food and espresso pot. Our 1997 Honda Odyssey is ready to put all four cylinders into pulling our trailer and hauling all of us east to Maryland, north into Ontario, and back home again--a journey that easily makes up for the lack of miles we put on our car during the rest of the year.
Here's the plan: We leave early tomorrow morning (we're aiming for 5:30 a.m.) and arrive in Queenstown in the early evening. We'll be teaching at Adventure Crafters for two or three days. On Saturday, Sharon & Hannah will be teaching a women's paddling class while Alec & Robert teach a rolling class and Jeremy rides his unicycle and flies his kites. On Sunday, Alec & Sharon will teach a rescues class while Hannah, Jeremy & Robert teach a kids' class on playing in your boat. On Monday or Tuesday we'll head to the ocean to play in the waves with Robert, Kerrie & Noah. At some point, we'll return to Queenstown so Robert & Kerrie can get some work done. We'll leave them on Friday and head up to Ontario to visit relatives near Ottawa for a couple of days, then head over to Madawaska Kanu Center, where the kids will take a five-day whitewater course and Alec & Sharon will camp, hike, paddle and hang out.
We'll try to post blog entries daily and include photos as often as we can, Internet access permitting. But right now, we'd better go to bed.

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