Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gifts for the paddler, part 5

Here are two gifts for younger paddlers or would-be paddlers:
Indoor pursuits for outdoorsy kids

Kayak Chaos, an all-ages board game by SimplyFun, challenges players to move their pieces down a river they construct as they go with the help of a deck of direction cards. Along the way, players avoid rocks and delay each other by shifting and flipping portions of the river.
Kayak Chaos costs $28 and can be purchased online from the SimplyFun website.
Thanks to Steve and Brenda Adsmond of Freemont, MI for calling our attention to this fun game!
Kayak Anna and the Palindrome Creek by local author Lina Lukashevich revolves around an 11-year-old girl who buys a kayak at a garage sale (for the palindromic price of $18.81) and explores her local creek, discovering odd creatures, water pollution, environmental activism and friendship.
Kayak Anna is available for $9.99 at All profits benefit Living Water International, a Christian organization that helps people in impoverished communities create local solutions to their water problems.

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