Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gifts for the paddler, part 2

What's the next best thing to paddling? OK, the next best thing to paddling or watching paddling DVDs, but something you can do at the same time as either of those activities?
Wearing paddling jewelry, of course!
R. Pauli Designs Essential Adventure Gear
Rik Pauli makes some of our favorite kayaking necklaces and earrings. Some examples:

Ancient paddler earring, kayak paddler necklace, kayak paddle earring.
Rik, who lives in northern Wisconsin, has been creating gold and silver jewelry on paddling and northwoods themes for 40 years. His necklaces and earrings (posts and wires) feature ancient and modern paddlers as well as canoes and kayaks, and canoe and kayak paddles. He also offers lava stone bookends with images of ancient paddlers.
Necklaces range in price from $36 on a linen sports cord to $48 on a sterling silver box or snake chain, depending on the size and design of the pendant. Earrings are $38 to $58. Bookends are $80 each or $150 for a pair.
You can request a catalog or order by contacting Rik at 866.631.7278 or

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