Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gifts for the paddler, part 4

Here are five ways to help your favorite paddler find his or her way this season:
Nautical charts and tidal data

Option 1: Purchase a nautical chart to a destination your favorite paddler longs to go.
Option 2: Buy Chart No. 1, the guide to nautical abbreviations and terms.
Option 3: Buy the AyeTides ap (for paddlers with iPhones), which provides buoy data on tides and currents at thousands of locations around the globe.
Option 4: Photocopy a portion of a chart and laminate it to create a waterproof deck chart. Include a grease pencil for taking notes on the chart.
Option 5: (Best of all...) Treat your favorite paddler to all four!

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Anonymous said...

An alternative source of NOAA nautical charts for paddlers are the "print at home for free BookletCharts" from NOAA. See their web site at .

Alternatively, do a screen print from NOAA's free On-Line Chart Viewer at