Monday, August 3, 2009

Robert the rainmaker?

Here comes the storm! Our last day at Adventure Crafters 2009.

The day before we left Maryland, we decided to go for one last paddle with Robert. It had been a hot day, and building cumulus congestus clouds suggested a short window of opportunity. So we chose a nearby put-in with a really short carry and hurried to the water.
No sooner had we unloaded the boats, geared up and gotten on the water than we heard a loud thunderclap. Looking back, we saw towering cumulonimbus clouds moving in, and then lightning.
We immediately got off the water.
We seem to have a pattern of paddling as thunderstorms move in, particularly when we're paddling with Robert.

Storm moving in. Adventure Crafters 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I was in the Saturday play class at Adventure Crafters with you and Robert. Just wanted to say thank you for the playful instruction and the encouragement. Still working with Robert and plan to do so for a while.
Best wishes to Hannah as she embarks on her college search. Check out Colby College in Waterville Maine!