Thursday, August 6, 2009

A neighborly full-moon paddle

For years, our neighbors have patiently put up with our yard full of kayaks and drying gear.

The way our yard typically looks.

Actually, they've more than put up with it. They've stopped by and asked us questions as we've loaded and unloaded our boats, and many expressed a desire to go out on the lake some day.

The rig, ready to roll.

Last night, we took 10 of our neighbors on a full-moon paddle. The conditions could not have been better. The air was in the lower 70s and the water in the upper 60s. The wind was calm and the sky was clear. Half way through our paddle, the moon rose above the horizon. It was magical. We were joined by fellow instructor Wendy (Bloyd-Peshkin) Madgwick, one of our partners in paddling crime.
Here are some photos from before and during that paddle:

Matt and Annie, read to go.

Joan and Gretchen, not nervous at all!

Sharon helping Stephen get in his boat and on the water.

Darcy, at ease in her boat.

As we landed, we were greeted by Lyn (Bloyd-Peshkin) Stone, who couldn't resist the opportunity to see the moon over the lake even though she wasn't available to join us for the paddle. Then we loaded our boats and returned to Geneva Kayak Center Lakefront to eat some sweets and savor the beauty of paddling on Lake Michigan at night under a full moon.

The moon after we got off the water, demonstrating the need for a tripod.

Thanks to our neighbors for sharing this evening with us, and a special thanks to Scott Fairty of Geneva Kayak for staying at work so late to make this possible!

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