Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring cleaning

Every couple of years, the sand and silt in Chicago's harbor mouths need to be cleaned out. We lose shallow spots we enjoyed for teaching and surfing, but the big ships that pay to dock have more clout. This is Chicago, after all.


Haris said...

What's the location? Did you surf the waves?

Adventure Otaku said...

you would think there would be a better way to do that?


See Kayaker said...

I ran across one of those last summer in the south end of the St Clair River. It was swimming somewhere using the bucket as a paddle/pole (depending on water depth) to propel itself.


bpfamily said...

@Haris: We encountered this beast in the channel leading to Jackson Harbor.
@PO: We would have used our paddles as shovels and pitched in, but we learned from Kelly Blades that "the world's best paddles" make lousy shovels.
@henry: If we saw that, we would have paddled away fast!