Saturday, April 10, 2010

The fellowship of the traveling kayakers

One of the pleasures of paddling is the community it creates. Perhaps because it's such a small sport, those who are passionate about it are supportive of and interested in each other. But it's more than just that. Something about kayaking seems to attract good people. Our home has become a free B&B for visiting paddlers from across the country and across the world.
We were thinking about this during the past weekend, when our friend Keith Wikle was in town for a business meeting and managed to build in enough extra time to paddle with us. We met Keith because we're fellow paddlers and have become good friends. During this visit, we filmed strokes together.

Director Alec atop the dock.

Alec and Keith check out the images.

 Lyn demonstrates effective strokes with a Greenland paddle.

Then we practiced silly kayaking tricks. 

Sharon uses her head, an essential piece of paddling equipment.

Our local paddling community is rich and varied, too. The next day, we set out with Paul Redzimski, who is preparing for a ACA Level 5 instructor certification workshop. Paul wanted to practice rescues, tows and scenarios. We agreed to be his crash-test dummies.

Paul fishes Alec out of 40-degree water.

 Alec safely lands his boat on the rocks.

Sharon ends the day with a roll. No ice-cream headache!

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