Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The effects of Hurricane Sandy in Chicago

Most of our attention has been focused on Hurricane Sandy's effects on the northeastern states. But the superstorm was so enormous, it affected Chicago as well.

Tight isobars indicate the intensity of the low pressure system.
We were spared the drama and destruction of Hurricane Sandy. But we got some of the wind.

Not our usual marine forecast and flood warning.
Waves to 23 feet on Lake Michigan, with occasional waves up to 31 feet; this called for cameras, not kayaks. Of course, the waves weren't that big near shore, but they were big enough.

Waves exploding over the break wall at North Avenue.
Gale-force winds blowing the tops off breaking waves near Oak Street Beach.
Water streaming back down after flooding the bike path.
As evening approached on Tuesday, the waves continued to build. The lakefront path was closed, but Chicagoans gathered at a safe distance to watch the mayhem.

The path was a dramatic but perilous place.
Wave watchers put the plumes in perspective.

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Anonymous said...

I liked your line about the waves calling for cameras, not kayaks. So true. Great photos.