Saturday, June 2, 2012

Taking advantage of all the lake offers

This is the season of changeable weather. And Lake Michigan is highly responsive to those changes. One day it feels like fall, with strong winds out of the north, big waves, abandoned beaches and a chill in the air; the next it feels like summer, with warm breezes, gentle waves, motorboats zooming and the beaches full of bathers.

Yesterday we had the beach to ourselves. 
And the water, too.
Today we worked on rescues with our friend Bonnie.
And paddled past skyscrapers, sailors, motor boaters and beach volley ball players. 
It would be easy to favor one type of day or the other, but we love both. On rough-water days, we can surf waves and play in clapotis. On calmer days, we can practice rescues and paddle some distance. Both prepare us for the real range of situations we encounter over time, and both are fun.

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