Friday, July 24, 2009

Reentering the blogosphere

Our failure to post anything for the past few months doesn't reflect inactivity. Quite to the contrary, we've been teaching and training on the water, and reflecting and planning off the water. We just haven't been writing about it.
The season has just begun, and in addition to our personal paddling and a few local classes we've taught, we've been involved in:
  • The West Michigan Coastal Kayakers Symposium, including a coach training with Jeff Allen, co-owner of Sea Kayak Cornwall. If you want to read about it, check out Keith Wikle's wonderful blog, Go Kayak Now.
  • BCU Coach 1 training and assessment. Four days of intensive training and scrutiny with BCUNA administrator Bill Lozano (owner of Atlantic Kayak Tours), midwest RCO Kelly Blades, and Geneva Kayak's own Scott Fairty. Yeah, we passed. (wOOt!)
  • The Windy City Kayak Symposium, now in its third year, which featured Peter Jones from North Wales, Ben Lowry, Steve and Cindy Scherer, and a host of talented local coaches.
  • The inaugural Burnham to Marquette Sea Kayak Expedition, sponsored by the Northwest Indiana Paddling Association. Tom Bamonte provided a nice write-up on the CASKA blog.
  • The biannual Inland Sea Kayak Symposium, based in Washburn, Wisconsin near the Apostle Islands. This year's featured guest was Nigel Dennis.
We hope to reflect on some of those events in upcoming posts, but at the moment we're feeling like lazy letter-writers who have delayed corresponding to the point of embarrassment. So instead, we'll reenter the blogophere in the present tense in the coming days and weeks. Thanks for your patience!


keith wikle said...

Looking Forward to some pictures

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