Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Father's Day poem for paddlers

To all of you dads
who would rather be paddling
than opening gifts
amid family prattling.

To all of you dads,
be you homely or dashing,
who want to get out
on waves cresting and crashing.

I hear you, I get it.
I feel the same way.
But I think you should hang
with your family today.

(Unless, of course,
your kids paddle, too.
In that case, get out!
This poem’s not for you.)

Think for a moment
of all they have done
to allow you to paddle
and have so much fun.

They put up with your gear
hanging in the back yard.
They tolerate neoprene stink--
and that’s hard!

They squeeze past your kayak
to get to the car.
They don’t laugh aloud
when you say “pub” not “bar.”

They let you buy rescue knives,
tow belts and flares,
and assemble your kits
for first aid and repairs.

They know all the acronyms:

They deal with the sand
and the water and dirt.
They’re even OK
with you wearing a skirt.

So stay home and celebrate
family today.
Hang out with your kids.
Hear what they say.

For despite your addiction
to paddling, it seems,
your children still love you.
You’re the dad of their dreams.



Anne margaret said...

This ia adorable.

Lenore said...

Nicely done, Sharon. I like the part about the kids tolerating their dad wearing a skirt. :)

Erin J. said...

I love this!