Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coaches: Course reporting just got easy. Really!

Every four years, ACA-certified instructors need to provide evidence that we've taught at least two courses (including one at our level of certification) and participated in one instructor update. Doing those things has never been an issue, but reporting them has felt like a hassle.

Until now. The American Canoe Association just instituted Smartphone Course Reporting. All we have to do is go to the ACA site, ...

... and click on the "EZ Skills Course Report Form" ...

... and the form pops up!

Yes, we still have to remember our nine-digit ACA numbers (how we miss the five-digit ones!), but other than that, it could not be easier to register courses and keep our certifications.

There are other reasons to register courses, too. Like any advocacy organization, the ACA derives strength from numbers. It keeps track of how many students undergo training and therefore become safer paddlers; this information is useful when it seeks funding for everything from education to stewardship.

So no more excuses. And no more cringing when you get the email warning that your certification is in jeopardy. It just doesn't get EZier than this.

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