Monday, September 5, 2011

Marveling at Lake Michigan from the sky

Whenever we fly back to Chicago, we hope the descent will be over Lake Michigan. There's something grounding -- if you'll excuse the pun -- about returning to our home waters. 

I (Sharon) was fortunate yesterday. We approached at the southeast edge of the lake. I recognized the disfigurement caused by heavy industry to Indiana's shoreline as we flew by.

Then we were out over open water on a very windy day. Whitecaps dotted the lake and there were waves as far as the eye could see.

We continued north, past the heart of the city, then turned east for our final descent.

It's hard to explain the thrill of seeing the lake from 20,000 or so feet when you're accustomed to seeing it from two and a half. It's huge, dignified, beautiful. I couldn't wait to land and spend time on its surface once more.

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