Friday, November 12, 2010

A little night paddle

     Lately, a variety of things (school, work, family, events) has forced us to do most of our paddling in the late afternoons and evenings. With the recent time change, that means it's hard to get on the water before dark.

Lights, camera, paddle!
     Last night, the sun set shortly after 4:30. By the time we finished loading our boats, it was completely dark. We were the only boats in the harbor.

Paddling out of the harbor.
     We were also the only boats on the lake, aside from the freighters making their way up and down the shipping channel many miles away. Familiar as we are with this area, it felt different in the dark. It was quiet, peaceful and solitary.

Paddling among the pilings half a mile off shore.
     It felt creepy at first and a little confusing. Our sense of distance was altered, and our sense of hearing was especially acute. But it was also absolutely lovely.

Nearer to shore, the city's street lights cast an eerie glow.
     Three hours of after-work paddling felt like a mini-vacation. We landed, loaded up and drove away in the dark, and hung up our gear to dry by moonlight.

Good night, moon.


Karen said...

Loved your account and the photos. It reminded me a little of night sailing, though paddling sounds more eerie.

Anonymous said...

I have just started kayaking this summer and am excited about the adventures that lie ahead. My husband and I also mountain bike. In recent years we have started to ride at night and much of what you describe is exactly what we have felt. It's different, awesome, beautiful and yes, sometimes alittle creepy! Here's to the adventurous side in all of us.