Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010: A Canoecopia Odyssey

Canoecopia is the official start of the midwestern paddling season. For those who don't know about Canoecopia, it's a paddlesport exposition--part trade show, part conference-style presentations, part paddling friends reunion--that takes over the Alliant Center in Madison, Wisconsin for three days.
   This year, Canoecopia started early with the arrival of Justine Curgenven, expedition sea kayaker and the adventure filmmaker behind the "This is the Sea" series and now "This is Canoeing." (We will review the Canoeing DVD soon.)

Justine and Hannah Facebook each other from across the table and across the Atlantic.

    The next day, we drove up to Canoecopia, arriving in time to watch the vendors finish setting up their booths. There were boats, paddles, clothing, tents, magazines, outdoor programs, jewelry....pretty much everything that relates to paddlesports and camping and then some.

 The parking lot was filled with cars and boats of all types.

 Eric Jackson demonstrates the hull strength of his boats.

   Justine was happy to see so many DVDs for sale.

Funny, all these stacks seem to be "This is Canoeing!"

   Over time, more and more people arrived. It was enough to cause an otherwise calm mannequin to run away screaming.

 Hey! Get back here with that PFD!

   There seemed to be slightly fewer vendors this year, but interest was high and sales were good. The presentation schedule was packed with a mix of practical and inspiring sessions, and many that managed to be both at once. 
   A few scenes from the exposition:


keith wikle said...

Thanks for posting your photos, looks like I missed out on the fun!!

bpfamily said...

And we missed you! Looking forward to videotaping soon.--sharon