Monday, November 16, 2009

Neither cold nor waves nor gloom of fall....

Wave height matters. Paddler height, not so much. 
(Alec and Aaron, dressed for the weather.)

Yesterday, Geneva Kayak Center held an end-of-season staff meeting. Part one was held on Lake Michigan in the company of three- to five-foot waves, 20-knot winds and plenty of geese. Needless to say, it was the nonverbal portion of the meeting. Part two was held while hungrily awaiting pizza delivery.
Jim Tibensky chose to paddle an old-school whitewater boat 
to take maximum advantage of the waves.

Some of us haven't paddled together since the start-of-season staff paddle and meeting. We've led parallel paddling and teaching lives, coming and going at different times with different students. We hear about one another's on-water time more often than we share it. So this was an opportunity to get out and play together.

 Parallel play, instructor style.

The paddling season is far from over. For this group, a "small craft advisory" is a warning that it's time to drop everything and get on the water. It's also a guarantee that we and the kite boarders will have the lake to ourselves.  No sailboats, motorboats or tour boats. Just us and the birds. 

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